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Lgnpst ls970 download

Lgnpst ls970

Soooo, I tried using LGNPST as described in the following thread: [REPAIR] TeenyBin for LS - Soft Brick Fix. B/L Unlock. RPM/TZ Update. So I used the LGNPST tool to reset the device back to a factory image. I have three lg optimus g's ls all running ting, two with stock rom. LGNPST LS DLL, Free Download by LG Electronics.

CM is here for the LS, aka the Sprint LG Optimus G.[/PHP] This is a source build rom, If the rom doesn't boot, it's cause you didn't lgnpst the jb bin!. So I searched the internet and found LGNPST on 4shared. Well, I hate 4shared. So I downloaded it, verified it was real and it works!. Sprint LG Optimus G (LS) Software Update: LSZVC Available This is the Stock Rom / Firmware revision LSZVC for Sprint LG.

I have read umpteen articles about using KDZ or LGNPST but all seem to easy to follow article on unbricking my LG Optimus G (Sprint) LS Download link LGNPST automated: Now click right side of DLL file files and select LSDLL Now click right side of bin and select bin. You will see COM port(in red) in LGNPST. In Emergency tab select dll(lsdll) and bin. 9. Press start on LGNPST. You will be warned that.