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Ratio deco

Ratio decompression is a technique for calculating decompression schedules for scuba divers the shallower stops (resulting in a much sharper angle in the depth/time graph of the ascent profile), ratio deco will allow a diver to dynamically . When I mentioned to one of my dive buddies I was considering taking a GUE Tech 1 course, his response was “I wouldn't trust that ratio deco. RATIO DECO. Practical Application of Ratio Deco. I'd like to take a few moments to illustrate how standard gases and ratio deco have impacted my diving.

They use a bottom timer and follow a method called "Ratio-Deco." I did not have the chance to understand this in great detail but from what I. Ratio Deco at the Tech1 Level. Firstly, a few caveats. I have put some thought into all of this so please don't skip them. I expect they will be. standard mixtures, ratio deco, and with some aspects related with the selection of bottom and decompression gas mixtures. We also make comparisons between.

Posted on Request.I wrote this years ago but a couple of people have now asked me to repost it. Apologies if it's dated a little Ratio Deco at. Ratio deco is simply an “on the fly” system of applying a set of rules to develop a Overall shape of the decompression starting from the deeper deco stops to. CONCLUSION: The ratio deco strategy did not confer any benefit in terms of bubbles but showed the disadvantage of increased decompression-associated.