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Hdhomerun prime software download

Hdhomerun prime software

Information: Current release: /; Software Changelog · Firmware Changelog · HDHomeRun beta releases. Software Changelog. Release Windows: Fix problem installing. Add support for upgrading the firmware via the device webpage.

Latest downloads: HDHomeRun Software: Windows. Linux. HDHomeRun Software: libhdhomerun (source); HDHomeRun Config. Apps and applicationsThe software that allows you to watch, schedule and record from our HDHomeRun PRIME (HDHR3-CC); HDHomeRun CONNECT .

I recently updated my seriously out of date firmware on my HDHomeRun Prime. As I remember I grabbed the latest HDHomeRun Beta Software. HDHomeRun's software is getting a much-needed overhaul. of the HDHomeRun Prime, which uses a CableCARD to record premium cable. For cable subscribers, the HDHomeRun Prime works with then scan for channels using the company's PC software or setup website. HDHomeRun Connect HDHomeRun Extend HDHomeRun Prime Download and install the HDHomeRun software; If you haven't done so already, download. HDHomeRun firmware upgrade. Windows: Download and install the HDHomeRun software for Windows. This will automatically upgrade the firmware.

While the HDHomeRun Prime ships with a disk containing the setup software, you're better off heading to the company's website to download.