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Get backers scan download

Get backers scan

Together, they are the GetBackers, the best retrieval team in the world. They can get back anything taken from clients, and their success rate is (almost) %!. Get Backers wallpaper and high quality picture gallery on Minitokyo. 53 wallpapers and scans. GetBackers scans. All from Atsuko Nakajima's Tsuya artbook, all scanned and cleaned up by emu. If you take any of them, please credit and link back to.

Getbackers Manga Discussion The perfect place to talk about your favorite Getbackers chapters and fights from the manga! Posts 42 Topics, Last post by. Related Series. N/A. Associated Names. GetBackers. Rumah Rampas Kembali المسترجعون ゲットバッカーズ. Groups Scanlating. AnimeAddict Project Scan. GetBackers Manga Scan

Let CZUR scanner help to build your private digital library with an easier and fa | Check out 'CZUR Backers 3, 30, you can directly get another free button,( besides the one attached with czur scanner that you bought) once you share. Contents[show] Transcendental In GetBackers, there are charcters who are In this scan, Kagami states that it is outrageous that someone from a different.